i really like buidling things


this is going to be my fun website with lots of nooks and crannies and stuff to discover :) - currently under heavy construction efforts.

portfolio inception

this page. click for a secret link to the front page.


a travel blog for great adventures of little people in a big world.


an overpowered list of books.

topology math

retracing basic GIS topology operations by myself in Python. maybe making modules.

sealed cities

an interactive map with information on soil sealing in European cities. and colors.

keno page

a mini tribute to Keno Don Rosa.


visually comparing the (astounding) distance between normal satellites and GPS satellites.

estimating triangles

idea to visually model an algorithm to create triangles for Thiessen polygons.

clean up game

messy computer paints some squares, human has to walk over them to discolor them again.


insert two nouns to create a 'crash blossom' - playing with a specialty of the English language.

unconditional speeches

code that weeds through speeches, taking out everything except nouns and verbs.

define love

querying the Pearson API for word information.

100 blocks a day

a JS tool to visually structure your day (for more happiness and productivity)

cloud lemmatize

using a pipeline and an API to find POS and lemmas for a ton of words in some languages.

stanford events scraper

Automatically sift through the great daily events at Stanford University to find free AI and ML related on-campus lectures.

baseword frequency lists

generated baseword-frequency lists for DE, EN, ES and FR.

lemma frequencies

create lemma-frequency lists from largely spoken-word corpora (OPUS).

hidden coding

sometimes you code all day but there's nothing to show for it. a little diary.

scrape song info

Ruby and Python code to fetch song info from genius.com

scrape definitions

Ruby and Python code that can be included in a webapp to fetch the definitions of a word from wordreference.com

hidden wishes

munged through novels to see whether they wish me a happy birthday!

game of vectors

wordclouds from such things: 'Their droppings speckled the gargoyles that rose twelve feet tall on either side of him [...]''

tiny flowing tensors

implementing a small version of TensorFlow with the help of Udacity, to better understand backpropagation and differentiable graphs.

brain body

predicting an animals body weight from the weight of its brain.

lyric search

check whether a word appears in song lyrics and print the corresponding lines.

word frequenctrees

input some text to get a word frequency analysis with a pretty image.

flight oracle

creating meaningless graphs that look meaningful while waiting for a plane.

sentence snowflakes

what we speak is surprisingly unique. a hommage to language creativity.

engine search

finally a way to find lost engines! now with a GUI. (a minimal search engine)


code-along to identify strawberries in images.

Android sing le page

participating in an Android Beginner course, I built a static single-page app.


a rails practice.

Don sí

analyzing a free-form literary corpus (call it a novel) for word frequencies.

my MOOCs

an attempt to assemble all the online courses I did from 2014-2015. in color.

word frequencies

a tool to see which words in a given text are frequent words in that language.

painting lane lines

recognizing lane lines in images and videos. painting lines everywhere.


a mock landing page for a fictional app that I seriously lived and developed.

Evil Corp analysis

using machine learning to identify persons of interest that might be involved in the Enron fraud case.

presidential dollars

analyzing the individual contributions to the US presidential elections and playing with ggplot2, the implementation of the poetic 'Grammar of Graphics'.

did Jack Dawson die in vain?

analyzing the Titanic dataset for factors influencing survival (a.k.a. double-checking the accuracy of the movie).

early resume

an early try of making an online resume.


a simple play-around practice for learning bootstrap.

cleaning Las Vegas

investigating and improving the OpenStreetMap data on Las Vegas.

polling for color

a practice on persistent data storage on GAE, spiced up with text emojis and rainbows. my favorite one is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

first website project

an assembly of my learning steps and materials from a Udacity Nanodegree.

pst... this is a secret. :)